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Breathalysers for France

From 1st July 2012 all drivers of motor vehicles and motorcycles visiting France must carry a single use or digital breathalyser with NF mark on it. Anyone failing to produce a breathalyser after that date receiving an on the spot fine of 11 euros. It is advised to carry a couple of single use breathalysers just in case one is damaged.


NF approved Breathalyser that can be legally used in France and shows results up to 0.5% . From the 1st March 2013, the French government has confirmed that all motorised vehicles travelling in France are required to carry NF Approved Breathalysers.

Sales price: £2.45

ETHYWAY breathalyser with fuel cell (electrochemical) sensor meets the requirements of French standard NF X 20-704 and has NF certificate.

Sales price: £189.00


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