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Breathalyser ALKOHIT X600

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The Alkohit X600 with integrated thermal printer is the most technologically advanced breath analyser in the series of Alkohit ® breathalyzers.
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Manufacturer: ALKOHIT

The Alkohit X600 with integrated thermal printer is the most technologically advanced breath analyser in the series of Alkohit ® breathalyzers, which at the client‘s request may have a calibration certificate issued by the Calibration Laboratory and accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.

The Alkohit X600 is designed for businesses, governmental and non-governmental institutions for evidential as well as group testing for the presence of alcohol in a person’s breath. The Alkohit X600 breathalyzer printouts containing a valid calibration certificate** can be used as evidence in court cases.

The device uses an electrochemical sensor installed in handheld breathalyzers currently used by the police. A large European and professional electrochemical sensor with two vents ensure the accuracy as well as repeatability of measurements and, most importantly, the stability of results during exploitation. Equipped with a modern, rechargeable 2000mAH 7,4V lithium-ion battery, no memory effect and the ability to make over tens of thousands of measurements on one funnel-shaped cap, the Alkohit X600 breathalyzer allows for significant reductions in operating costs.

A unique feature of the breathalyzer is its aluminium case, ensuring maximum protection for the device in case of accidental drops. The Alkohit X600, an integrated printer, and all necessary accessories are packed in a box which protects them during transportation and storage. In addition, it comes with a smart case that protects the device against scratches.   

The Alkohit X600 breathalyzer uses a system which makes it possible to test unconscious people with symptoms of COPD or others who have difficulty blowing the minimum amount of air into the device. This is particularly useful for medical facilities, emergency services, holding cells, or welfare homes where this problem is often relevant.

With the capability of 360° rotation and a unique and innovative method of fitting mouthpieces,  Alkohit ® models allow for comfortable measurement-taking.. This solution increases safety in the event of any external factors that may cause the device to move while blowing air (a mouthpiece screws onto the device without harming the user). Moreover, the application of a funnel-shaped mouthpiece which can be used to make measurements when no mouthpiece is required may rarely be found in evidential breathalyzers. These advantages undoubtedly make it worthwhile to have the breathalyzer Alkohit ® X600 at a company’s disposal. The device may obtain a calibration certificate and can take measurements by using mouthpieces and a funnel-shaped cap.

The breathalyzer combines state-of-the-art technology with a user-friendly design and interface, with explicit instructions in Polish and a touch screen. Even the first use is intuitive and straightforward.

The Alkohit X600 breathalyzer, intended for professional use, is equipped with many advanced features to meet the requirements of various standards. After carrying out each measurement, it is possible to enter relevant data such as the name of the subject tested, as well as the person conducting the test, the place where the test is conducted, etc. At any point the integrated printer allows for a quick thermal printing of a measurement protocol in the Polish language with additional data entered. Free software allows for the transfer of data to a computer with the further possibility of exporting to Excel spreadsheets and printing.




  • High accuracy by using electrochemical sensor technology used in police breathalysers with a guarantee for DKD sensor
  • Technologically advanced 32-bit microcontroller
  • The use of the latest technology in the world
  • Low price in relation to the accuracy of the measurement
  • Quick results, even at very high concentrations of alcohol
  • Measurement repeatability and stability during tests
  • Counter measurements
  • Date and Time
  • Quick and efficient establishment mouthpiece or cap funnels
  • 360° mouthpiece rotation
  • Alerts if the sensor has alcohol from a previous measurement
  • Easy to read backlit display allows for comfortable measurement reading at night
  • Easy of use
  • Long life sensor
  • A unique breathalyser serial number
  • Measuring the length of a control system indicated by sound
  • Pneumatic delivery system for a precise dose of blown air
  • Casing made of high quality ABS plastic
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Fuel Cell (electrochemical)
Detection Range
0 - 300 μg/100ml
Accuracy ±5% at 0.38 mg/L calibration point
Time To Prepare About 2 seconds
Memory 4000 results and possibility to export results to Excel
Display 4 digit 2.8
Power Type Rechargeable battery 2000mAh 3.7V
Dimensions 190 x 82 x 36 mm
Weight 454g
Operating Temp. 10°C to 40°C
Package Contents 30 mouthpieces, 2 rolls of printing paper, 2 funnel, the charger to a wall outlet, USB cable, battery Li-ion 1000mAh 3.7V, leather puch, manual
Warranty For The Device
Warranty For The Sensor


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